Safe and Secure Enterprises, Inc. fulfills our Clients safety, security and investigative needs with an incomparable work ethic and unsurpassed customer service. We draw on our extensive education and diversified experience to provide a wide array of services. Safe and Secure Enterprises, Inc. was built with hard work and stands on a foundation of integrity.

Areas of Expertise;

Thanks to the experience of our staff, we have several areas of expertise. Therefore, we customize our services to each Client's requirements. What follows are just some of the services our staff has provided both corporate and personal clients:

Safety Consulting and Training
Pre-Employment Background Screening
General Public Records Research
Security assessments
CCTV Maintenance programs and new installation
Insurance fraud investigations
Cable fraud investigations
Construction Specific CCTV and Electronic Tool and Asset protection
Criminal and Civil investigations
Suspect and witness interrogation
Expert witness testimony
Process Service